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Episode #73 Haunted Plantations of Virginia
August 08, 2010 09:24 PM PDT
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Join Mark and guest author Beth Brown as they talk about The haunted south in America. Beth has written several books on the subject including Haunted Plantations of Virginia.
Beth Brown began investigating the paranormal in 1989 when a mentor sent her to interview the owners of a 250-year old home practically overflowing with spirits. Photographs and audio recordings made that day ignited her curiosity about life after death and set the wheels in motion for two decades of research.

In 2007, Beth Brown founded the Virginia Society of Paranormal Education and Research (VASPER). The mission of the organization is to aid those interested in beginning their own research of the paranormal by providing training, equipment grants, and other resources. Beth heads the VASPER Investigation Team, a group of experienced field researchers with varying specialties, and has led the team on several studies of National and Virginia landmarks. The VASPER Investigation Team conducted the first official paranormal research experiments at Berkeley Plantation, Monumental Church, the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, and many others.

Beth is an author, radio personality, and producer of short documentaries. She has been a speaker at numerous paranormal events and is known for the edgy, “rock and roll” approach she lends to workshops.

Episode #72Mark Ireland
July 18, 2010 09:10 PM PDT
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Mark Ireland Author and Psychic, Soul Shift,Finding Where The Dead Go.The death of his youngest son, Brandon, launched Mark Ireland on a fascinating quest to discover if we survive the death of our bodies by communicating with ancestors, persons who have gone before. For more than a century, many types of scientific inquiries have focused on after-death communications, and Mark studied all of them. He possesses the driving curiosity, open mind, and critical scholarship of a true explorer … [and] his candid, engaging writing style invites the reader to join him on his pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the afterlife.”

Episode 71 Fiona Horne
June 21, 2010 12:18 PM PDT
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Fiona Horne is known in the USA, UK and Australia as a leading expert on Modern Witchcraft and as an accomplished television/radio host and best selling author. She is also an actor and rock singer.

Fiona is the world’s most recognizable author on White Witchcraft. Her titles are published by Harper Collins, Random House, Simon & Schuster and Llewellyn.
In May 2006 Fiona was invited to speak at Harvard University, USA, on Witchcraft and Paganism.

Born in Australia, Fiona has been based in Los Angeles for the past 6 years. She was lead singer/songwriter for popular Australian Top 40 techno/rock group DEF FX, releasing three albums and touring locally and internationally.
Fiona’s personal passions include herpetology (she is a licensed snake handler) travel and SCUBA diving. She is an expert diver and works regularly for the SCUBA accreditation organization PADI, hosting, demonstrating and doing voice over for their instructional videos, television and radio commercials including voicing the National Geographic/PADI Underwater Explorer DVD series.
Fiona is also a licensed skydiver – 100 solo jumps and counting!
Fiona’s charity is Project Aware – an international ocean conservation effort.

Episode 70 Pacific Coast Paranormal
June 04, 2010 03:06 PM PDT
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Join us with guests Stefan Brigati and Tara Mead from Pacific Coast Paranormal, a West Coast Paranormal Investigative Team based in Ventura, California. They have some amazing ghost stories and some awesome evidence that we talk about on the show. Also this team has done a paranormal series for HBO. They also take on personal investigations in private homes.
A fascinating show that will definitely keep you up at night. Learn about Ghost Investigating with the best.

Episode #57 Lessons of Many Lives Past Life Regression
March 11, 2010 01:28 PM PST

Our guests on this show are authors and sensitives Melissa Watts, who is a past life Hypnotherapist, and Karen Frazier author and sensitive. Mark and his guests talk about so many different aspects of past lives and how Melissa actually conducts her sessions with her clients. They also talk about how this truly can help people who are dealing with continuous problems that they keep confronting over and over and how they can find solutions through past life regression. This is once again a fascinating show not to be missed.

Episode#68 Avalanche of Spirits, The Wellington Avalanche
April 23, 2010 08:09 AM PDT
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On March 1, 1910, an avalanche rocketed down the mountains and descended on two trains filled with passengers and railroad employees. Those trains were sitting on a passing track in the tiny, mountain town of Wellington, Washington. At least 96 people died. Nearly 100 years later, in 2009, paranormal journalist Karen Frazier visited the avalanche disaster site. What she discovered there changed her life forever. Karen, and many others who have spent time at Wellington, believe it is haunted. Avalanche of Spirits: The Ghosts of Wellington is part historical account, part ghost story, and part personal memoir. In the story, past and present join in a spellbinding combination that may just change your belief in ghosts.
Karen Frazier is the Managing Editor and a journalist for Paranormal Underground magazine. In that capacity, she's written articles about a number of paranormal topics, including UFOs, ghosts, paranormal investigation, reincarnation, and many others. She also is the moderator of Paranormal Underground's podcast, Paranormal Underground Presents . . . In addition to Avalanche of Spirits, Karen has written Lessons of Many Lives, cowritten with Melissa Watts, and the upcoming book, Supernatural! Exploring the Mysteries of Our Universe. She is the cofounder and director of Productions and Public Relations for Ghost Knight Media, LLC. She is also the creator of The Namasté Project. Karen lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two sons, and four dogs. For more information, visit her Website at www.karenfrazier.com.
Bert and Jayme Coates are investigators of the Wellington Avalanche area and join Karen, Mark and Barb discussing their findings on many of their investigations of the Wellington Avalanche area.

Episode #64 Marley Gibson & Patrick Burns
May 23, 2010 10:51 AM PDT
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Join us for this episode with author of The Ghost Huntress series, Marley Gibson, and star of TRU TV's hit series, Haunting Evidence, Patrick Burns, as we discuss, ghost investigations, other dimensions, and upcoming books for Marley. A very stimulating show.

Episode # 70 Crop Circles 2010
May 14, 2010 10:14 AM PDT
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Gary King:In 1997, while ill health caused him to take time out from work as a legal executive, Gary encountered his first Crop Circle. He was so deeply affected by this experience that he has devoted himself to researching the phenomenon ever since.
An abiding interest in human consciousness prompted him to study the cultural use of psychedelic plants, and the evidence that such use enables contact with creative intelligences.
Already a practicing Martial Artist, Gary pursues the more esoteric, internal styles and philosophies of the art.
Returning to University in 2005, Gary studied Language and Communication with a particular emphasis on the science of semiotics. His particular interest is the way we, as humans, strive to derive meaning from signs and symbols.
One of the three witnesses to the 07/07/07 East Field event, today Gary is a much sought after tour guide and lecturer.
Michael Glickman: A leading lecturer, researcher and commentator Michael Glickman has long occupied a central space at the heart of debate on the crop circle phenomenon.
A former architect and teacher, he is now a renowned and inspirational speaker and writer. His work on the geometry and interpretation of the crop circles has spanned over 20 years.
Michael has written several regular columns on the crop circles over his career, both in print and on the internet. Wheat from the Chaff is his latest incarnation. He has written seven books including Crop Circles (published by Wooden Books). Cornography, a selection of his former column writing, was published in 2007 while his latest book Crop Circles the Bones of God was published in 2009.

Episode 62 Glenn Craney " The Fire &The Light" The Story of The Cathers
March 19, 2010 06:06 PM PDT

Glen Craney is a screenwriter, novelist, journalist, and lawyer.
After attending Indiana University School of Law, he clerked for the Indiana Court of Appeals and the U.S. Federal District Court. A sabbatical from private trial practice took him to Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and Union Theological Seminary. Two years later, he joined the Washington press corps to cover national politics and Iran-contra for Congressional Quarterly magazine.

In 1992, he moved to California to write movie scripts. His feature screenplay Whisper the Wind, about the Navajo codetalkers of World War II, was awarded the Nicholl Fellowship prize by the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences.

His debut novel, The Fire and the Light, has been named Best New Fiction of 2009 by the National Indie Excellence Awards and was recognized as a Finalist/Honorable Mention Winner for Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year.

Episode # 63 Dan Green The Murder of Mary Magdelane and Lincoln Cathedral
April 14, 2010 12:17 PM PDT
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The Lincolnshire Echo ran the story. The Riddle of Jesus, the Last Supper and Lincoln's own Da Vinci Code, referring to the discovery of a dog on the platter at the scene of the Last Supper upon the Great East Window within Lincoln Cathedral. The notion of Lincoln Cathedral having its own Da Vinci Code appealed to me within an instant, I set about investigating it and the rest is now modern history. From the very onset, synchronicity played its part the fellow who discovered the dog on the plate during repairs to the window had the word cup in his surname, the Grail once held to be a golden cup or chalice, Tom Kupper, being leader of the cathedral glazing department. As I was making exciting progress in pursuing this chance find of a factual Cathedral Code, the most unbelievable announcement was made in July 2006 Hollywood was going to come to film scenes for Dan Brown's fictional The Da Vinci code, within the cathedral! Join us for this fascinating investigative show with Dan Green, the documentary filmaker of
"The Murder of Mary Magdelane", and discussion of the mysteries of Lincoln Cathedral in England.

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